rekindled fire

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I had been working on a rejuvenated hobby.  I'm still a little nervous about posting on it - for fear of it fizzling like everything else - but I'm pretty excited about my last two projects.
About 2 or 3 years ago, I went out and purchased a sewing machine so I could sew patches on Tanner's Cub Scout uniform.  Yes, I kid you not, that was the reason.  I did a diligent search on the internet to find a good brand and what I kept finding in forums and comment fields was "buy from a specialty store," with the thought being that if you have trouble with a machine you buy at Wal-Mart, who is going to help you?  I thought it was a great point, so I headed out to the nearest sewing store.
Once there, the ladies at Sewingly Yours were so friendly and so helpful, I bought a machine that very day.  I also got a listing of their classes.  Afterall, if I'm spending several hundred dollars on a good machine, I might as well learn how to do as much as I can with it, right?  That's when I found my first quilting class.

Because the class was several weeks away - and because once I have an idea, I have a hard time letting go - I found an online tutorial on quilting and started.  It was a good tutorial, but I produced one u-g-l-y quilt...LOL!  In fact, I've only recently shown anyone this quilt.  The first quilt I actually finished, though, was a Christmas quilt for my best friend, which wasn't nearly as, um... unsightly.  
After those two quilts, I took a six-week class and learned more about choosing fabric, piecing tips, batting choices, and binding.   I can't tell you how much I learned from this class.  Because it was early spring, I had decided to make a quilt for my mom during that class, and it turned out just stunning (even if I do say so myself!).  It was a ribbon star quilt, and looked something like this diagram on the right from Quilter's Cache.  I used a dark navy floral print with a spring green contrast and cream background.  One day, I need to get an actual picture of it.

After that, I tried paper piecing and various other projects.  Somehow, though, I managed to stall out and stop.  I think it may have been because my machine was in the basement, which is not really a fun place to hang out, especially when the family is always on the main floor.  Not sure. Regardless, though, I've had several unfinished projects laying around for quite some time.  Including a blanket I had started for Tanner (more on that one in another post).

This spring, though, I have found my re-inspiration!  My friend Claire at my church has wanted to start a Prayer Quilt ministry for some time.  She kept running into roadblocks until one day it dawned on her... you can't have a quilt ministry without quilters.  So, she put up signs and started a quilt class at church.  We have about 15-20 ladies coming regularly and it has absolutely relighted my fire!

About a month ago, during one of the classes, Claire brought a charity to our attention.  It is called Quilts for Kids and she wanted to know if anyone would be interested.  Basically, people contact the charity and they will send out free fabric kits and instructions to make a basic quilt that is then sent back to them and given to a child with a chronic disease.  All the quilter has to do is supply the batting and make the quilt.  To say the least, the idea struck a chord with me, and I volunteered to do two quilts.  Annnnnnnnnd... I'm happy to say I finished them!!  I'll have pictures and stuff up tomorrow! :)

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  1. ok, Angie, I'm going to be your conscience. Post those pics!