still around...

It was a crazy weekend.  To and from Las Vegas for business and not much fun.  No surprise really...Vegas just isn't my style.  All that plus the ka-billion things that were going on at home made for some head-spinning. 

I haven't touched my machine since Thursday...how sad! And I won't be able to touch it again until tomorrow night...how more sad!! 

I did start quilting the postage stamp quilt, though.  And I hope to have it finished and bound by the weekend.  Not sure of that goal, though, since I fly out (again!) on Friday.  This time for a half-marathon with my bestie.  We're running the Disney Princess half...tiara and all.  :)

Just she and I, no kids, no hubbies.  On Saturday we're going to stroll through EPCOT and eat at all the countries - carbing up, of course - because the men never will...LOL!!  It's going to be fun and relaxing and I just can't wait.

But back to quilting... :)

The best part about the postage stamp quilt is it now has an intended owner!  I started it because I wanted to participate in Rachel's quilt-along and really had no idea who it was for.  Halfway through the top, I thought about splitting it into lap and crib quilts, but now the plan has changed.  As it turns out, my mom came over last week and was updating me on my grandma, who has been struggling lately.  They just got her a hospital bed for her apartment and were looking for sheets/blankets, etc.  *ding ding ding*  I ran downstairs, grabbed the quilt top and said, "What about this?!?!".   It's uncanny how much the quilt is just "her".  Perfect.


So, I added two more rows to the lap make it 50 x 80 (the bed is a long-twin) and my  friend Claire saved the day and let me borrow some batting since there was not any on sale around here.  I got it basted (500+ pins!!) and started quilting on Thursday.

I'm echoing the seams on either side in white...I tried to take a picture today, but my battery was dead.  I knew I wanted to have horizontal/vertical lines and I saw this photo on the Red Pepper Quilts blog and decided that it was exactly the look I wanted.  I think it will be beautiful.



  1. Oh, I'm so sad I'll be missing the eating around the world thing. Not so sad to be missing the race tho...Good Luck on both!
    sista Jane

  2. Love the thought of eating around the world, but sadly my knees wouldn't cope with the run (or maybe that is a graceful let out for me!) Love the quilt and it is always so much more meaningful when you know who you are stitching for....and especially for your Grandma - how lovely! happy stitching!

  3. Looks awesome!! have fun running : )