advice and re-pinning

I simply adore the online quilting community.

Just the other night, I got quilting advice from Australia...yes, Australia.  I'm a big fan and follower of Red Pepper Quilts and love, love, love how she straight-line quilts most of her work.  I'm trying in on my grandma's postage stamp quilt, but was having trouble with it warping.


So, I figure Rita seems nice...why not pop over an e-mail?  I mean, what have I got to lose, right?  I'm trying to mimic her work, so why not go straight to the source?

I sent the e-mail, figured it would be a day or so before she got back to me, and went about my business.  Fast forward about 30-45 minutes and I returned to the computer only to find her reply waiting for me!  She wrote back 5 minutes later... five minutes.  I was stunned.  And a very helpful reply, at that.  She gave me all types of advice and even asked a few questions.  Not some blow-off e-mail.  I'm totally impressed and, if it's possible, am an even bigger fan now. 

We decided (ok, ok, she suggested and I agreed...) that the problem likely stemmed from poor basting.  And it didn't surprise me.  I basted this one on the floor and had constant trouble with the painter's tape sticking - or, should I say, not sticking.  I had decided I should probably re-pin before I sent the e-mail, so hubby had already gone out and bought a set of clamps for me to use to baste at the kitchen table.  (Thanks to my friend Claire for that fabulous idea!!).  

Below, you can see the setup for the re-pinning.  It actually took a lot less time than I thought it would.  I now swear by these clamps...you absolutely should try them if you don't use them already.  Straight from the hardware store, and not very expensive.  And, oh, how much better they were on my back and knees!


Now I'm desperately trying to finish my quilting.  I really wanted to have this done this week, but just not sure that's gonna happen.  I'm about five seams away from having all the vertical lines done.  Then the horizontal.  Though, I'm seriously thinking about stopping with the vertical.  Any opinions on that??  Would love to hear what you think.


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  1. Hi Angie!
    You will probably get lots of different advice on this. If I'm doing straight line quilting I like to start in the center of the quilt.
    Stitch down the 2 most center vertical rows and then the 2 most center horizontal rows.
    The reason I like to start in the center and work my way outward in both directions is because I feel the quilt tends to "shift" less and stays more "square".