fabric basket

I've had my eye on fabric baskets for a while. They are so cute (and useful) but I've always been a bit shy because I don't trust my actual sewing skills - which can be much different than quilting skills.

I decided to finally dive in last night, using this tutorial from Pink Penguin.  (Incidentally, her whole site is fabulous - lots of great tutorials.)  The fabric I used part of a Moda Dark Chocolate Bar kit I bought a couple of months ago; specifically, Luna Notte by 3 Sisters.  I used all shades except the black...just couldn't get that one to work to my taste.

squares for the fabric basket

It's a very simple basket - a 6 x 2 square patch and some linen.  Here is the outside piece, pinned to the batting.  It felt weird to not use basting pins, but I pushed through.  Literally - right though the fingertip a time or two.  *sigh*
all pinned up!

I was able to use some scrap batting from my grandma's quilt (which is still being bound, btw).  I used some scrap muslin for the lining, even though the tutorial calls for fabric.  I tried different fabrics from my stash, but none were really screaming at me, so I stuck with the muslin.  So, I got it all pieced and attached, then came the hard part... 

the hard part...

I hate pushing projects out through tiny holes.  I even busted some stitches during this.  I think I'm just not patient enough.  But...as with most projects...the final piece is quite worth it.  Here she is making her debut as a K-cup holder for my coffee machine.

And here she is making her debut as an office worker.  :)
office worker... lol!

Still not sure where her final home will be, but I can see so many uses that I'm going to make more.  On the future ones, though, I think I'll be adding some interfacing for a bit of stiffness.  Anything with any weight to it will collapse the basket.  Right now, I'm thinking she'll make a great candy dish for my desk...full of lots of dark chocolate.  Appropriate, don't you think?



  1. That's really cute, Ang! I love the colors! Wish I was talented like that!

  2. Your fabric basket turned out so beautiful!

  3. Your fabric basket came out so nice! I love how you quilted too! And thank you for your kind words about my blog :)