mug rug madness...

Have you ever wound up on a blog and wondered how in the heck you got there, but you're so glad you got there? That happened to me today, and I'm so glad I found "two more seconds" because today is the kickoff of her Mug Rug Madness week.

If you're scratching your head and wondering what the heck a mug rug is, then take a look at some of her posts featuring mug rugs.  I'm currently in love with them, and actually just finished my first last week.  (Sorry, no pic.)  I'm far from satisfied with it, though, and want to try again.  Not sure it will ever see the light of day, really... LOL.

I think these little rugs are just dang cute, and will make sweet little gifts for some friends.  They're perfect for the office, or as snack-sized place mats or even large coasters.

By the way - if you want one, let me know and tell me the colors you prefer (if you prefer any).   I think I'm going to make one out of my Central Park leftovers tonight.  :-)


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  1. We just did a mug rug swap at our guild, I put mine on the Flickr group. ~ one of the things that lots of people didn't like was the binding on something so small, this post on the talented Verykerryberry's blog looks good -http://verykerryberry.blogspot.com/2011/01/single-binding-tutorial.html.
    One of our members advocated got the use of voile as it's much finer and therefore easier. Looking forward to seeing your mug rug.