easter weekend

Like most long weekends, Easter came and went with hardly a blink. It feels like weeks since we took off to spend a few days in the mountains with friends. It was so relaxing and wonderful...I wish I was still there!

As can happen on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the fog was crazy.  There were times you could only see a few feet in front of the car.  Crazy.  To say the least, it took us a bit longer than usual to get there.


(And, yes, you can see the table runner I'm trying to finish in the reflection.)

The next couple of days, though, were simply awesome.  We got up late, stayed up late, hiked, joked around, ate plenty of food, and practiced a lot of new German words with our new friend, Chris, who is visiting from Germany for a few weeks.  My favorite - Neuschwanstein.  Partially because I'm a princess and partially because it's just fun to say!

Chris even took the time to make cookies with my youngest.  She got a kick out of it - apparently they don't have the break-and-bake cookies in her town.


We tried a couple of times to head up to Grandfather Mountain, but ended up not going in.  On Saturday the line was just too long.  On Sunday, we.... uh.... well...there were technical difficulties.  You see, they charge to get into the park...which is not a good thing when every adult in the car left her purse at home.  (*cough*).

Plan B for Saturday was hiking a bit on some random trails - they are all over the place up there.  Here, my oldest and I stop for a quick photo.


Flowers and trees were just starting to bloom, and there were little patches all around.

The trouble, though, is that it really took a toll on our allergies.  I'd been doing very well this spring until this weekend. 

Easter morning was quiet and relaxing - as compared to Easters of the past. This is my first year (other than sicknesses) that I have ever missed church on Easter.   Ever.  It was weird, but at the same time, refreshing.  And very interesting to step away from tradition, even if only for a moment. 

Of course, we did leave a note for that fabulous chocolate-bearing rabbit...and what do you know?! He left us a little treat. :)


We asked him to go easy on the candy, but as you can see it didn't really work out that way. The LEGOs were a lot of fun, though.

On Monday, we headed out to a local park and took off hiking again.  By this point, though, my allergies had just gotten the better of me.  Shortly after I snapped these photos, I headed back to the car to wait it out.


The kids were just too cute with their little walking sticks...


After I got to the car a storm came up which cleared out the picnic areas. Unfortunately the rest of the group got stuck in it. They were too far out by the time the storm surfaced and couldn't make it back quick enough. (I wish I would have thought to take some pictures of their drenched little butts...LOL!)

All in all, we spent a good portion of time outside, but I also got some quilting done.  Apparently a little too much, as hubby thought he needed to snap a picture of me at work. And now I can see why my back was hurting so much. I really missed my counter-height cutting table.


That's Jane's Black and White quilt I'm working on, by the way - a post on that soon to follow.


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  1. Things in German are so much more fun to say than stuff in English - I don't know anyone who speaks German but I like buying Schmetz needles so I get the chance to say "stepp-nadels" because I think it sounds really cool.