landscaping - the quest begins

I love a beautiful yard. I love everything about it.

But I hate, hate, hate the work that goes into it.  Therefore, since I'm not independently wealthy, either my desire has to go or I have to cowgirl-up and do the work.

Hence yesterday.

I'm almost too embarrassed to put this out here. It's hideous, it's shameful, it is the product of my laziness. It's the walkway to my front door.


We had sprayed Round-Up (as can be seen by the dying vegetation), but the ongoing problem is that we have no plants there. Well, no "real" plants. So in a surprisingly successful bout of afternoon spontaneity, we decided to shape up this area during a visit to Home Depot yesterday.

Here's how it looked as the sun went down.


Already a kabillion times better. Sore back included.

I probably over-did it with the little green stakes, but just like in quilting, pins are my friends. The only thing I hate as much as a weed-infested garden is little flaps of black fabric (or worse, plastic!) waving at me from between the plants.  Yuck.

All in all, we bought nearly $200 worth of perennials (remember the laziness comment?) and I'm likely headed back soon as they are on sale here, 3 for $10. Not bad for plants that will keep coming back. I see it as an investment, really.  :)

Oh, and for the record - beyond the overgrown forsythia in the top left corner is a neat little shade garden that I planted a few years ago.  So, I know I can do this, I have proof.  It's just a matter of willpower and persistence...things that often run as low as my patience.

Hubby is helping a great deal, and between the two of us, I think we have a good chance of getting this job done by the end of the week. Stay tuned for more pics.



  1. The best plant investments I ever made were my Knock-out roses. Planted 3 when I moved into my house 7 years ago and they are enormous rose bushes now. They have survived every drought, always bloom beautifully and get bigger and bigger every year! All I did was put them in the ground. I wish I would have been persistent in adding more each year. I would have a backyard full of roses! You have inspired me to go buy some plants for my garden this week....

  2. Thanks, Katie - you are the second to recommend Knockouts; I really need to look into them. I have four rosebushes in the front of my yard and one on the side. I love them. They are in full bloom now and I hope to get some pics up soon.

  3. i am waiting for the ground to dry out enough for me to get all my plants in the ground! of course, it rained again today. we are finally getting some hostas and ground cover planted around our foundation - it's about time! can't wait to see your new garden!