so stinkin' busy

Ever had those periods in life when it seems everything is happening at once?  Yeah - I'm there. 

A snapshot of May, so far...

Study start-up at work.
GRE studying (done now, thankfully).
Yard work.
Car repairs (read "borrowing car from parents").  Twice.
A out-of-country trip to prep for.
Meetings for said trip.
Cookouts with friends (love!!)
Shopping...for said trip.
Operation Christmas Child activities.
Vaccinations (again, for said trip).
Birthdays (not mine, which is too bad).
Doctor and dentist visits, both involving pain.
Mother's Day.

And it's only May 11th.

Unfortunately, because of this job thingy that I have (don't worry, I'm grateful!) all the non-work activities have to be shoved to the evenings and weekends.  On top of typical maintenance work...cooking, grocery shopping, coasting into the gas station for a refill.  You know, that stuff.

Which leaves next-to-no-time for sewing.  Boo.

At least all the work stays here when I leave for foreign shores.  But that's a whole other level of work...humanitarian work.  Can't say much now, but I promise to show pictures later.  It's gonna be good, but I'm gonna be exhausted.

Through the years, June has become a respite month, and more so this year than ever.  Two weeks at the beach with friends.  Really good friends.  Waves, sand and quiet.  Ahhhhhhh.....


ETA: Blogger is weird. This post disappeared (along with it's comments), came back with screwy labels and no comments. When I updated the labels, it published it as today's post (the 16th). So for all of you wondering why the double post - I don't know, but I'm not crazy - really. Well, not this crazy at least. :)


  1. Oh, Honey, I feel your pain. I think I was pushed to within an inch of the edge last night. Thankfully, I'm beginning to settle...the day before I leave. Coincidence? I think not. Good luck. JA

  2. Just take a breath and remember "this too shall pass"