Moda Swap - and two giveaways!

ETA:  I'm so sorry to say this, but it looks like there is absolutely no interest in this swap.  With over 100 page hits and no takers, I'm calling it.  Can't swap without swappers, right??  

However, the follower charm pack giveaway is still on...'cause I love y'all!  Will give away the Flurry charm pack on August 1st, so spread the word.  :)

Over the past few months, I've participated in various swaps and loved each one. Of these, my favorites have been the simple fabric swaps. Nice and easy - at most they require a bit of cutting - and quick.  Then, I end up with a lot of fabric that I wouldn't have otherwise purchased.

So I got to thinking. I want to do a swap, but I want a twist.  So here's my question... do you love Moda???  Well, I do!  It seems like they have a collection for every taste and they are all yummy. And I love the feel of their fabrics and how wonderful they are to work with.

So - merge these two fabric loves and you have my little idea... a Moda fabric swap!


Would you like to join me???  If so, here's the scoop...
  • Swappers should send in 120 Moda charms and a self-addressed, stamped envelope by August 11, 2011.   (Three weeks from today.)
    • To send a SASE:  Take a blank envelope and your un-sealed envelope with your charms to the post office.  Once your envelope with the charms is weighed, add the same amount of postage to the empty envelope and add it to your charms.  Seal and mail, easy-peasy.  :)
  • Once all charms have been received, I will divvy them out to the other participants and ship them within a couple of days.  Hopefully, this will be well before the end of August.  Each participant will receive 120 squares in return.
  • Charms should be 5" square and must be from a Moda line(s).  
  • If you send solids, please limit them to no more than 1/4th of the charms (no more than 30).  I'm considering a separate solids swap, depending on how this one goes.
  • Charms can be from one line or from many.   You can purchase charm packs (three will get you 126 charms) or you can cut them yourself from fat quarters or yardage.  Scraps are welcome as long as they are 5" square.
  • International is OK, provided you can make the mailing deadline and provide adequate postage. 

To sign up: Simply add a comment here and I will send you an e-mail with the shipping address.  I will take sign-ups through August 5th.  At that time, comments to this post will be closed.

Now, for the giveaways....

As an incentive to ship on-time, all packages received with a postmark of August 11th or earlier will be entered in a giveaway for a Summer House charm pack.

And, in celebration of my first swap hosting, I'll also be giving away a charm pack to one of my followers.  So, if you aren't already a follower you can sign up now.  This giveaway will be for a Flurry charm pack - one of my faves!

So that means if you have your charms mailed by August 15th, and follow my blog, you could win two charm packs!

I hope to see a lot of sign-ups - so please spread the word!  There is a button in the sidebar if you would like to grab it.  More participants means more variety!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored giveaway.  Moda is not involved and the charm packs being given away were purchased at full retail by me.  I do not have any relationships with the designers or stores (unfortunately).  :)


  1. I'm a follower! Sign me up. Thanks.

  2. It was so great to meet you this evening. And I am so looking forward to the new Triad Modern Quilt Guild!

  3. I'm a new follower :) Found you on Sewing Summit's flickr group!

  4. I'm in for the giveaway. Thanks for hosting!

  5. found your blog through flickr - add me to the drawing, i'm following!

  6. Bummer... I thought I had sent you a note to join in! I actually bought a few yards of a Moda fabric to cut into Charms and send in. Oh, well, I'll certainly find a use for it!

    I'm a follower, and by the way, I love your blog name, I was actually considering something similar as 90% of my quilting happens after my family is in bed.

    Take Care,