My First Commissioned Quilt

I'm excited about this quilt for so many reasons. It's the first one I have finished by request and the first one I got paid for. Ok, well... bartered for...but I still consider that payment!

My friend Jenn is an awesome photographer. We've been friends for a while now and she did a photo shoot of my family last fall. I had been wanting non-studio pics for quite some time and she did a great job. We went to an old colonial settlement nearby and spent a wonderful afternoon with her. Here are a few of my faves:




Earlier this year, Jenn quit her full-time job and really began focusing on her photography business.  So, when she contacted me about working out a deal for a quilt, I was all ears.   She offered a free session and some prints for a hand-made quilt she could use in her shoots...especially baby shoots.  I think it took a third-of-a-second for me to agree to that deal!

The quilt is a Sudoku kit by Moda and it was both easy and fun.  It's basically a simple nine-patch, but worked in the way you work a Sudoku puzzle.  I chose a soft Moda Marbles color for the sashing and border, a neutral from the Oasis collection as the back, and a soft teal for the binding.  I keep the back plain and simple this time, because I wanted to get it to her quickly.  All in all, it took a little over two weeks, and that's with taking for other projects, too.  Of course, that makes it my fastest quilt ever, too.  :)

Quilting was a simple meander, which I think softened the angles quite well.


I took pics of it on the ground, which was a first for me.  I usually just hang my quilts, but I liked how it looked in the grass. 


Apparently, my assistant liked it, too. 


Lastly, here's one final photo from yesterday morning, all washed up, fresh out of the dryer, and krinkly. What is it about a krinkly quilt that makes it so fabulous? I just love it!


I was able to give the quilt to Jenn last night and for a a few seconds, I actually thought she was going to cry.  Maybe it was my imagination, but her appreciation and excitement were more than obvious.  She was very, very happy, which, in turn, made me very, very happy.   We even talked about possibly making another for her to use in her high-school seniors shoots.  :)

I can't wait to see my quilt in use on her blog.  I'll be sure to share them when I do.  :)

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the first installment of "Finished it Fridays!" Hope too see you there!

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  1. Dave would be proud of your bartering skills it looks very versital to work with little girls or boys. I'm hoping to have Jenn do some photos of Steven soon...maybe we'll be one of the ones with whom she uses this beautiful quilt.-Jennifer A.

    PS gee aren't we getting alot of work done after our long lunch-Ha!

  2. I would have needed to make a second one just for me! It's great!!!!

  3. Sooo wonderful to hear!!! Commission are funtastic!!! Did my first one a couple of weeks ago and loved it dearly.

  4. Lovely quilt, and what a fab photo of your 'assistant'! He he.

  5. Great pics, lovely quilt, good story - and REALLY cute assistant!

  6. Lovely quilt and the photos are so nice!

  7. What a lovely quilt! That pic of your boys gagging with you two kissing in the background had me laughing out loud! I have 2 boys myself and can totally see this happening :) Thanks for sharing with us at Summer Fair! AnneMarie

  8. I love this quilt! Such a simple design but such a great impact!

  9. I love this design! It would be perfect for a stash busting project. Thanks for sharing!