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Ball Game!!

Last night, the boys and I went with my dad to see the local minor league team play. We got a new stadium last year and my dad had never been. Plus, he had group seats with a local credit union, so we got food, drinks, a hat and other cool things. Well, since we love, love, love baseball and we love, love, love Grandpa, we jumped at the chance for a night out.  :) 

The new stadium is wonderful. The old one was nice but, well... old.  Here's a good pic of the new one (swiped from the internet).

pic from davenportworld.com
(Incidentally - see the white, domed building in the background?  That's where I work.)

On the way in, Tanner was stopped and asked if he would like to play one of the between-inning games.  Naturally, he said yes, so they had him in the sack race in the middle of the fourth inning.  Here he is waiting to go on the field...


And here's the race!

He had a blast!

When we got back to our seats, he gave Trenton his prize, which seemed to totally make-up for Trenton not being picked for a game (we're still working on the "be happy for others" attitude with him).


We also found one of Tanner's friends who just happened to be there with one of our church groups - and rescued him, as he was the only kid with a group of adults...LOL!!


We had good seats down the first base line, but we chose to stay at the outfield table where we ate because the breeze was much better.  Last I heard it was 92 degrees at game start, and we felt a farther-away seat with a breeze was better than sitting closer in the stands surrounded by people.


We ended the day with the 7th-Inning stretch, tons of peanuts and Friday night fireworks.


Oh yeah.... and the home team won!!!

Next Friday - Turner field, baby! We're going down to Atlanta with friends. See, I told you we have baseball fever!


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  1. Awesome time to be had!!! Your son looked like he had a lot of fun!