more fabric

Saturday was a happy day, and I needed one after the week I'd had. Apparently, when a package of fabric hits my door, things just all sorta melt away...


Wondrous Woven Fabrics
had a sale and a good one at that! 30% off quite a few lines.

From the top, fabrics one, two, and three are from Central Park (*squeal*) and will be transformed into a new tote bag for graduate school.  It starts Sept 1st and I'm starting to wonder what the heck I got myself into as I will continue to work full-time as well.

Fabric 4 is Sanjay in Red from Kumari Garden Holiday.  I'll be using it for the August Stitch-Along over at Feeling Stitchy.  We're going to be embellishing fabric with embroidery.  Here's a close up of it...still no clue on how I will embellish it.


Five is Laurel Dots in Cherry - another to add to my Soul Blossoms hoard pile stash. Actually - I cut into these on Saturday, but no details yet.  They are for a tutorial I'm working on for later this month as a guest blogger at Mauby's.  (So excited!!)

Six, seven, and eight are for hubby.  Yeah... I know I just finished a quilt for him, but I'm ready to do another.  These will be paired with the Joel Dewberry Aviary that I snagged at InTown Quilters during my trip to Atlanta.

I was also able to finish the top row of my We Love French Knots sampler.  To enter the grand opening giveaway, two of the squares have to be finished, so I'm good on that front.  I would like to finish the whole thing soon, though.  I'm trying to keep it on my end table... you know, so it won't be out of sight, out of mind.  :)


Happy Monday, y'all!



  1. Nice fabric snatches there!!

    You are making great progress on your stitching hand embroidery piece--really cute:)

  2. I love that hand embroidery piece. Happy sewing with that lovely new fabric!