Rock On! - another quilt finished

My son is a nut.

Everyone that knows us just muttered, "well, duh," and everyone that *really* knows us is thinking, "and I know who he gets it from...".

About 10 minutes after I gave my oldest son his quilt last summer, Trenton asked me when he would get one.  Having learned from previous mistakes, I made no promises but told him he would get one someday.   He wouldn't let up.

Fast forward to January and I was fabric shopping (gasp!) and I came across an amazing bundle at Fabricworm called "Folk Rock".  About the same time, I found an awesome pattern in a magazine.  So I paired the bundle with some Kona solids, a Michael Miller for backing and off I went. 

The top came together quickly, even with a few mistakes.  (Always, always check the pattern!)  And I actually finished the top in early February.  One month - not bad.  But then...blammo.  Crazy kid enters the scene.

As I'm showing off the quilt top to him, he looks down at the floor and sheepishly states, "You know, Tanner got his quilt for his birthday...".
"What do you mean," I ask, slightly panicked but mostly confused.
"Well, he got his quilt for his birthday"  (Oh, thanks for the clarification, dear.)
"So...are you saying you don't want yours until your birthday?"
"Yeah.  I think that would be good."


Now, any smart mama would go ahead and finish, then pack it away.  After all, his birthday is in August, and this happened in February.  Not me.  Never, ever have I claimed to be a smart mama.  Nope.  I tucked it away.

Fast-forward a few months and he's changed his mind yet again.  So, I yank out the top and get back to work.  I made up some wild-eyed crazy graphic for the back, which ended up being chucked for a simpler design and made an appointment with the long-arm machine only to be turned away when I got there. (Yes, I nearly cried.)  Finally got it quilted in July; finished the binding this week.

And here it is.... "Rock On!"


Unfortunately, I don't remember what fabrics were in the bundle...other than All Star by Riley Blake.  The guitars are Michael Miller, and Trenton picked those out himself.  In fact, it was the inspiration fabric.  He doesn't play any musical instruments, unless of course, you count the air guitar.  He's a pro at that one.


You can see the simplified version of the back above; I didn't have enough fabrics from the front leftover for the back. The label is below.


The label quotes Psalm 92:1-2 and ends with a note from me, "Your exuberance and spirit bring a smile to my face and happiness to my life. May God always fill your heart with joy." And I mean every word.

Trenton always keeps us guessing and more often than not we're laughing at his crazy antics. Just last night, we go out to shoot a pic or two and, suddenly we're in the middle of a professional photo shoot. Well, in his mind anyway. "Do this", "Now silly-face", "Here's like I'm getting ready to lay down." And so on, and so on...




Do you believe me now?  ... my son's a nut.


But he's my nut... and I love him.

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  1. Oh, I soooo love this!! What a wonderful treasure for your son to have!

  2. What an adorable quilt and an even cute kiddo.
    Make sure to keep this around and bringnitnwith you when he takes his senior pics. It would be so cute.

  3. Love your story and the quilt. I have two boys and a similar story. I have a similar story, I made a soccer quilt for my younger son and now on the way to make one for my older son. Was going to give it for his 18th birthday but still under construction :-)


  4. Such a cute "nut" and a great quilt!

  5. Gorgeous quilt and gorgeous nut! My sons are fifteen and one wont be in photos anymore! Make the most of it!

  6. Isn't it awesome to watch our kids roll around on one of our quilts!? My oldest left this morning to move into his new apartment for his second year at the University of Akron.

    He packed everything up yesterday, but kept out one of his quilts so he could sleep under it last night. It went with him this morning.


  7. Looks like he loves it and why wouldn't he? Great job, I really like it!!

  8. What a great story, and a beautiful quilt! It sounds like you finish quilts in about the same amount of time that I do! Your son enjoying it is the best!

  9. That's a pretty awesome quilt! Your son is adorable and a wonderful quilt model.

  10. That is one beautiful quilt! You are very talented! Impressive, all of it! Thanks for sharing this at Show & Share!

  11. amazing and beautiful quilt! I love it!

    I would love it if you would share this and/or any other projects you have been up to at Tuesday Talent Show at Chef In Training! Plus there is a fun giveaway too! Thanks so much and I hope to see you there!

  12. I love the quilt! The color combination is so perfect.

  13. What a great idea for showcasing those large scale prints! I'm dying to know, how do you make your labels?