WIP Wednesday #9

Here we are again with another project report.  My goodness, this week went fast!  Once again, I'm not feeling very productive, so I love being able to sit down reflect on my efforts.  Many times I don't feel like I've gotten anything done, but when I take the time to write it down, I see there has been movement.

Completed: Guitar Quilt!  I finished on Sunday night, with Trenton sitting beside me.  It was wonderful.  Come back on Friday for the whole story (and for Finished it Fridays). 

Here is a little sneak peek - he immediately snuggled up with it when I finished.

finally done


Bethlehem Star - Finished a few more strip sets (to make diamonds) and all of the paper-pieced glows, including getting one into it's block.  It's my first time trying circles.  So far, so good.

strips and glows

glow block

Jane's Black & White quilt- Quilted on Thursday.  I hope to get the binding attached this week. 

No progress this week:

Sierra's Quilt
Mexican Star
Flipside Quilt 

New Projects:
I'm working on a tutorial for a guest blogging post I will be doing later this month.  It's a table-topper, and it's turning out very well!

I'm also working on an interview series that will start soon... called 10 for 10.


I'll be featuring ten of your (and my) favorite bloggers, asking them the same ten get-to-know-you questions.   We'll also be hosting a giveaway for each one, so keep your eyes open...you're gonna love it!

Happy hump-day, and enjoy your week!

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  1. Your Bethlehem star is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Awwww, look at that boy and his quilt! That's what makes quilts so special.

  3. Love the photo of your boy and his quilt!

  4. I love the guitar quilt and what a cutie is under it :)