Finished it Friday #11

Good morning, everyone!  It's Friday!!!!

Finished it Fridays!

After a long hiatus from my sewing machine, I finally had the chance to sew last night.  Oh, it felt so good!!  I have a couple of finishes to share with you.  First is my first-ever zipper pouch.

zipper pouch

My new friend Claudia taught an impromtu class at Sewing Summit and showed us just how easy these little pouches can be.  To say the least I'm hooked... and to prove it, look at what I got yesterday...

Fifty ... that's right ... FIFTY zippers.  And some darling little zipper pulls.  Can't wait to dig into them.

I also finished up my 3x6 blocks last night.

These blocks were a lot of fun, and I'm glad I joined the group.  If you're looking for a good swap to join, now is the time.  Signups for the fourth quarter are active right now.  :)

So - now it's your turn..... what did you finish??



  1. You saw it in person!

    Also have a new quilt basted and ready to quilt, and started a new "rustic asian" inspired quilt using some Moda Cross-dyed fabric I have been hoarding for a while!

  2. Well you certainly will be busy if you make 50 of those cute bags.
    Great blocks.

  3. Hello Angie, I would like to learn how to make those little bags rather than buy them. If you know of a tutorial would you pass it along? Your bag is so nice.
    And can you tell me about how and what you use to hang your blocks? Those plastice clothespins on a wire or rope? It seems like a good idea for my blocks or I have to buy some sort of a board. Thank you. Judy

  4. Hi Judy. Claudia taught us in person, so I don't have a tutorial link. However, if you Google "zippered pouch tutorial" you'll find a ton of them. Just pick one you like.

    I hung my blocks using a pants/skirt hanger I swiped from my kids closest that morning and it's dangling from a nail in my mantle. LOL...nothing fancy here at all. I normally go outside, but it was raining and I had to get the blocks in the mail yesterday, so I made do with what I had. :o)