WIP Wednesday

Another Wednesday has rolled around...something tells me the next few will be just as quick.  Is it me or is time going by lightning fast lately?

My WIPs this week are nearly the same as my last check in, with a couple of additions.  The biggest of which is my new sewing room.  Hubs and I decided to switch places with my sewing space and the boys' school room, so I am now upstairs on the main floor.  Yay!

Working on my new sewing space!
please forgive the graininess - lights weren't set up yet.  :)

I have a long way to go to make it work, but it will get there.  I'm going with a soft green (Jardin, by Sherwin Williams, to be exact) but have no clue when the actual painting will begin.  Mostly because I'm working on three new quilts.

That's right...three.   Though, admittedly not all must be done before Christmas.

Quilt #1 is for my dad for Christmas.  I bought some wonderful camper fabric a while back and have been wanting to make him one for a while.  Lots of teals, grays, and touches of orange.   All mixed with a good bit of white, of course.  I'm using Faith's Lemon Squares quilt tutorial...and love it.  I have four of the six block types done - well over halfway!

Lemon Squares blocks

Quilt #2 is the Charmed Prints Quilt Along I talked about on Monday.  I now have all of my diamond-in-a-square blocks done and a few stars.  Hope to finish them tonight, which means I'd better get crackin'.  Of course, this is the one that doesn't really need to be done by Christmas, though I would love to have it ready for the boys that morning.  :)


It was a little of a bear to get organized, but that's mostly because I was dead-set on chain stitching similar blocks.  If I just went by the layout, I probably could have saved quite a few stickies...


Quilt #3 is a surprise.  Sorry.  I know s/he reads this blog so that's all you're going to see on that one.  Good news is that it will be delivered by Christmas, so you don't have very long to wait.  Blues, teals, and whites on this one.  :)

Other remaining projects really haven't moved much.  I need to piece the back for Sierra's quilt and get it ready to quilt.  Mexican and Bethlehem stars are still as they were.  One day, one day...

Happy Wednesday...don't forget to link up with Lee!

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  1. I just love your quilt #1. :) That fabric is to dye for!


  2. oh my gosh I love the ducks in quilt one. All the projects are very lovely... but serious those ducks!

  3. I love that quilt you are making your Dad :)

  4. Love your Charmed Prints blocks! Odyssea is a great line. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  5. I am really liking your dad's quilt blocks!

  6. I'm loving the colors in that first quilt. Can't wait to see more of it!