postage stamp quilt

Last night, the boys had a friend over to spend the night. It was the first "successful" sleepover...meaning no I-wanna-go-home's at near-midnight. The coolest part is that they really needed minimal supervision.  They mostly played LEGOs and watched movies.  Which means, I got to catch up on sewing.

Because I'm so behind on Rachel's postage stamp quilt-along, I chose to focus on it last night.  I was able to sew all but four strip sets.  At that point, the boys came downstairs to watch TV.  So, I switched to cutting since my sewing machine can get a little loud when trying to watch TV.

So, I cut... 


and cut...


and cut.


Until I had a nice pile of strips to sew together.


All of the sewn-together sets are now in neat little piles, ready to be pieced together.

I still have the four sets to sew and cut, then I can start assembling the blocks.  I hope to get all of that done today.

The quilt top has to be assembled by Feb 1 to enter the contest.  A hundred bucks of moda fabric on the line.  How can I *not* try to win?


las vegas

I promised Las Vegas photos - so here there are.
Not much to look at, really, just my suite. Now, you all know I've never denied acting like a princess, but this weekend I finally got to live it out. 


Because my group had a large meeting at the hotel, in addition to the Board Meeting, they gave us two VIP rooms.  One went to the CEO (and his wife), and the other to me.  And it included a limo ride.  All given to us by the hotel. No pictures of the actual limo...sorry. But it was charcoal gray and looked a lot like this...

...and, let me tell you, it beat the heck out of a cab ride.  Just sayin'.

When I got to the hotel, I was shuttled to Diamond Check-In (bypassing about 50 people in line!) and given keys to a "Celebrity Suite".  Nice.

So here's the view from the front door...


Another view of the living room/bar/dining area...


Just off the main area was my bedroom... with a kickin', holy-cow-it's-as-big-as-my-bedroom bathroom.


To give a little perspective, the bed is king-size, and that's a sitting couch in front of it.  The sunken bathtub was easily built for two. It even had a little make-up area, with lights and a small stool to sit on.  Princess-worthy for sure.

Then, just off the bedroom, there was even a little exercise area.  


The electronics on the bike didn't work, but otherwise it was nice to have that in the privacy of my own room.  I didn't even hit the gym (even though I was given free access).  

While I was there, I was considered a "Diamond" member, which also gave me front-of-the-line access to all of the restaurants.  I only used it at breakfast on Saturday, though, since the rest of the meals were basically provided as part of the meeting.  

I can't begin to tell you how fun it was - though I do wish hubby could have been there with me.  Things like this are hard to enjoy alone.  I'm so very thankful that I had the chance to stay in a room this nice.  It was so wonderful - even if it was Vegas.  :)



Yesterday was my first day back at one of my favorite gym classes.

Lower-body work.
I lost count of the number of squats.
Over 200...no exaggeration.

Today, the DOMS kick in.  
- Delayed -
- Onset -
- Muscle -
- Soreness -

I'll be in the corner if you need me.



quilt show

While I was in Vegas this weekend, the girls at church had a quilt show.
(I would have rather been at the quilt show.  Just sayin'.)

My friend Claire took pics of all the quilts, including mine.  Since I have next-to-none of my quilts, I figured I'd post them here.  Thanks Claire!

The first table runner I completed.

My "Girly-Girl" quilt.
I made it pink and brown so my boys wouldn't steal it from me, given their aversion to all things pink.

Didn't work.


And finally, my favorite...Tanner's quilt.  
Of course, once Trenton's is done, I'll have to call this one my "favorite Tanner quilt" or something. My heart smiles every time I think of his reaction - and how he hardly goes a night without sleeping under it.  He's even asked to take it with him on trips.  

Love that kid.  :)


We start working on our 2011 quilt project tonight at church.  I can't wait. It feels like forever since I've seen those girls. 



In case you are wondering...

The pattern I am using for Trenton's quilt is one that was in the Fall 2010 issue of "Quilts and More".  I was given a copy of the magazine as part of a Christmas gift at our Pinedale Quilters Christmas party.
I adjusted the pattern a bit to make the quilt smaller.
He wants a throw, not a bedcover.

(photo from allpeoplequilt.com)

And once again, here's a pic of my fabric.

Now, go cross-eyed until they merge.
See it?? 

Yeah - I'll be sure to post when it's done.

P.S. - you can get a free copy of the pattern here.




My parents surprised me Tuesday night.  Out of the blue, they came over with a Keurig coffee maker.

new coffeemaker

My mom has one, and I love it.  I have debated getting one, but just couldn't justify the expense.  After all, for the same price I can buy fabric for two quilts.  (Everything is measured in fabric-worth these days.)

All of a sudden, boom.  I have one. 

And about 40 little coffee pods, with a carousel organizer.

My folks rock.

Now I can stay up later and sew.  (*heehee*)



cutting done

I simply adore my sewing space.
I can't begin to explain how much.
I *heart* being able to head downstairs, sew, then stop.
It's so much more enjoyable.
It's so much less a chore.

Ok - I'll stop.
I think you get the picture.

I have everything cut for Trenton's quilt, and have one strip set finished for the Postage Stamp quilt along. 
Out of 16.


It'll happen. 



The new year has brought many new projects - some old and some new. 

After months of begging, Trenton is finally getting his quilt.  Here’s a little sneak peak:


This is part of a custom bundle from fabricworm.com with a bit extra Robert Kaufman solids.  Trenton picked out the guitars for the back, too.

I've also finally started a quilt that was planned nearly a year ago, using Moda's Odyssea. 
For a friend of mine...but not saying who just yet.  :)


And finally, because I have nothing else to do... I joined Rachel Griffith's Postage Stamp Quilt Along.

I'll be using an (old) Sunshine jelly roll I got when I first started quilting.  Paired with white kona cotton, it may just be a beautiful spring quilt.
I got the strip sets all bundled last night.


16 strip sets, 30 blocks, and an anxious six year-old. 

Think I'll have them all done by February?

sewing space

I have the best father-in-law ever.

He made me a counter-height table just for my sewing space.  The space I've been dreaming of for quite some time.


Obviously, I have to work on the lighting a bit...it is a basement, afterall.

Oh yeah, and heat.  Need more heat.

But, it's my space. 
My very own place that I don't have to clean up whenever I sew.  I sit down, stitch a bit, and then stop.  No taking out, no putting away.  My space.