please vote for me!

Hi everyone!

Do you remember Jane's Black and White Quilt from earlier this fall?

black and white quilt 2

Well - I've entered it in a contest over at Quilting Gallery and I would love your vote!

Ballots are down at the bottom of the page.

By the way - be sure to click "Jane's Black and White Quilt".   There is also one called "Jane's Quilt," but it isn't mine.  Of course, you can vote for that one, too, as you are allowed up to three votes.  (And how funny that there are two quilts for ladies named Jane!)

Thanks in advance to all those who vote.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. I still think yours is the prettiest black and white quilt I've seen. I voted for you :-)

  2. You are 1 vote closer. I too agree yours rocks. I love black and white and am currently making some lap blankets for me and my brother in lawns (can read about that on today's blog) Have not seen a lot of quilts done black and white and love to see them done well.


  3. I voted! Good luck! Your quilt is beautiful!!

  4. I just voted and you are looking pretty good as the winner.

  5. I just voted to...because I do like this quilt. Good luck!

  6. I voted! It is such a beautiful quilt!

  7. WOW!! You have my vote. Such an incredible quilt!!

  8. I voted or you! It is beautiful.