date night

One of the hardest adjustments to full-time work and full-time school is the lack of family time.  While I miss it, it is easy for an adult to justify.  "Just one year," I keep repeating, and I know in my heart it's a good thing.

But my kids miss their mama.

To counter act the time, and to be sure my kids still will still know my name when I finish school, we implemented date night.  Every other week, I take one of my boys out for dinner.  Just me and him.

Mamas, you better lock up your daughters!

Last week, I took out my oldest.  He's the quiet one, so I'm actually more concerned about losing touch with him.  He's 11 now, and I know the teen years will be here much too soon.  Gotta start focusing on that relationship now.  Like, yesterday now.

Tonight, my youngest and I are going out.  He's the spunky one.

my little bomb bird :)

Those of us in the south are familiar with the term "talk your ears off".  As in, "that boy will talk your ears off".  That's him.  Never met a stranger, never been shy.  Pretty much says anything and everything that's on his mind - whether you want to hear it or not.

Wonder where he get's that from?   ;o)

Enjoy your night!!!



  1. Have fun!
    Hope you ate going to SS in Oct.

  2. Cute! A great idea and something they'll always remember!

  3. Oh neat, my neighbor told me a story just the other week about why she took up Golfing. One day her father came over and said your boys are growing up you need a way to connect with them so I'm going to teach you how to golf and they've all be golfing since.

    My own DH excels in Daddy Daughter Lunches, when the two of them go out to do something and he surprises her by taking her out to lunch just the two of them. While it's a surprise for her, it's actually all premeditated.

  4. That is such a great tradition to have - the boys will remember it always.