wip wednesday...two weeks later

Hello!  Remember me???  LOL!  Have I been neglectful or what?  Classes have been kicking my butt and I feel like all I do anymore is eat, sleep, and read.  In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if my kids filed a missing persons report....  *sigh*  I sure do appreciate those of you who are sticking around and your kind words always make me smile.  I really do try to post at least once a week, but last week was a bad, bad week.  Ugh.  But.....I did manage to sew a bit last night and, oh, it felt so good!

So, let's go through the list.... 

In-Progress:  Oh My Stars and Bethlehem Star quilts, scarf for beginning knit class, sewing room makeover.

No progress on either quilt or the makeover.  But I have gotten a few more rows on the scarf.  Next up is the purl stitch.  The middle section uses the stockinette stitch to make a stripe down the middle and it will be in a magenta yarn.  :)

Finishes:  Crochet Scarf and Fingerless Gloves - I'll share these (with pics!) in another post.  :)

New Projects: Crochet class, Quilt class, and more iPad cases

Yes - another class... but this time, I'm teaching!  A few of the girls at work asked me to teach them how to crochet, so I am.  We had our first class this week and I'm happy to say they all excelled on their single crochet stitches.  :)  Next up is double crochet and then we'll start on the cowl we picked out.  I'm really enjoying teaching these ladies.

I'm also teaching a friend and her daughter how to quilt.  Our first class was on Monday and we talked about expectations and looked through fabric designs.  We ended up going with Lemon Squares - I'm sure you're surprised - and we'll get started cutting next time.  We only meet every other week, so it should be a nice, easy pace. 
On the actual sewing front, I've been on a roll with the iPad cases.  I have had five requests since making my Owl case.  I started on three last night and got the zipper ends and velcro flaps done, including top-stitching.  Hoping to get the rest done either tonight or tomorrow.

soon-to-be cases 

iPad case for Mindy

On top of that, my mom dropped off fabric for two more earlier this week.  They're still wrapped up from Karen Gray's because they are for birthday gifts.  Can't be spilling the beans just yet, but I will say they are fabulous! (And don't you love how Karen bundles her fabrics?  So cute!)

fabric packages

I know you've heard it before, but if you haven't checked out Faith's website you should.   Fabulous tutorials for just about anything you can imagine.

Hope you all are doing well - it sounds weird, but I miss you!  Just a couple more months and life will be back to normal.  :)

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Happy Wednesday!


  1. I can completely understand where you are coming from with school kicking your butt. I'm working on my masters and teaching quilting classes, working full time and have a 1 year old at home. I quilt till the middle of the night, just to relax. Some weeks are just more hectic then others!

  2. Those bundles are really cute. Makes it great for hiding just how much fabric is there (insert evil laugh) from the hubs.

  3. I just love the fabrics/threads/zips, etc. that you have picked out for the ipad cases. They will be very cute. :)

  4. I can't believe all you're doing AND a graduate student. I think I sewed six pillowcases the first quarter and nothing again until I walked across the stage and got that degree! I'm going to go and look up the links you suggested--I'm always up for fun tutorials.

    Elizabeth E.

  5. Nice to "see" you Angie! Just keep plugging along. I remember tht feeling during my master's degree but in the end you'll have something no one can take away from you! ;) You can do it!

  6. Wow! I just love the fabrics for those ipad covers.

  7. Wow you're a busy gal. Hopefully at least some of your reading is interesting. :-) Love your fabric and notions layouts for the i-pad cases.