my break - an instagram review

Spring break has come and gone.  Classes start up tomorrow, but it's been a wonderful week.

I started off by spending a couple of days at my best friend's lake house.  She joined me on Monday evening, but otherwise it was just me.  No kids, no hubby, no to-do list. This is the sunset that greeted me last Sunday night.

My only plan for the two days - relax.  I got out of bed at 9:30 both mornings.  I had my coffee with the windows open (it was a touch cold to be outside), listening to the birds, and I spent the majority of the day talking socks with my twitter friends Sharon, Heide, and Selina.  I managed to cast on - a few different times - and got a little progress done on Hermione's Socks, per Sharon's suggestion.  Let's just say learning to use double-pointed needles has been... um... interesting.

Slowly but surely!  :) @aprairiesunrise @ws-on-etsy @heidepaneer @littlecreatable
First socks - The yarn is Malabrigo Sock in 853 Abril.

I'm still not convinced that these will fit me, but everyone keeps telling me to trust my gauge swatch (which I did twice!), so I'm continuing on...

On Wednesday, it was back to work, but things were especially slow this week.  Not really planned, but oh, so appreciated.  My boys went to work with me on Friday and we took a long lunch, visiting a local shop for some gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches before we headed over to Karen Gray's.  Yes, I took my boys fabric shopping.  :)  Karen knows the deal, though, and has a bucket of toys, including lots of cars, ready and waiting for little tykes.

While I was there, I confirmed a much talked about rumor regarding a certain designer named Tula Pink (you may have heard of her...) coming to visit soon.  So, naturally I had to break into my much-loved and much-petted Prince Charming stack that night. 

time to cut into this bad boy @tulapink

Saturday was scheduled to be a crazy, nutso day with two ball practices, a church meeting, a guild open sew, and a birthday party - all before 5 pm.  Hubby saved the day, though and took all of them but the sewing time, so I got to sew at our LQS for about five straight hours!!

Stitching the day away!
That's my spot on the right... with the chips.  LOL!  :)

I almost...almost... finished my Pave the Way top.  Sarah had some extra batting that we tossed up as a temporary design wall and they helped me with the layout.  Then I rolled it up and took 'er home.  Hoping to finish tonight.  :)

getting there!

After church on Sunday, I hit the local Quilt Show that the Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Guild hosted over the weekend.  It was so fun to not only see familiar faces, but also familiar quilts!  So many wonderful quilts!  We were asked to vote in a viewer's choice, but I couldn't chose just one...and time ran out before I could cast a vote.  And of course, I couldn't leave without a little shopping...a fat eighth of Flea Market Fancy and some local alpaca yarn that will soon be socks for the Hubs.  :)

Quilt show loot...  :)

All in all, I'm leaving spring break rested, restored, and rejuvenated.   I hate that it's over, but I truly feel like I used my time to get done exactly what I needed... Rest. 

I'm ready to jump back into my classes and finish this semester now, whereas before break, all I wanted to do was crawl under the covers and hide.  And sleep. 

Amazing what a little break can do.


  1. I'm glad you got some rest and relaxation.. it does wonders! I love the color of the socks! And your Pave the Way quilt top looks awesome!

  2. What a wonderful break! Good for you for resting and enjoying your time. I love your quilt!

    Jennifer :)