WIP Wednesday - time for catching up

Summer is in full swing here and things are finally starting to settle down a bit. I realized this morning that I haven't posted a WIP Wednesday in...well...forever!  I actually have several things to share and my posting is further behind than my projects - which is nice for once!

My last update was February.  Yes, February.  I'm such a slacker...  So, I'm going to go beyond what I've done in the last week...but don't worry, I won't let the post get that long.  :)

In Progress

Oh My Stars QAL:  Yes, the actual QAL finished a long time ago, and I still only have a few stars.  I've completely changed direction here, though.  I've exchanged the white backround I was using for a dark gray.  Can't remember the color...one of the Free Spirit ones.  Still using Terrain and I've managed to create quite a stash of it in the past few weeks.  Fat Quarter Shop had it half-price and I also snatched up some at a local fabric shop.  I may qualify as a hoarder now.


Paintbox Quilt:  Squares are steadily coming in from my TwitterB group.  Only a few more outstanding.  I'm going to have to supplement with my own blocks, but I'm good with that as I need to dig into my stash to make room for new fabrics.  :)

Tangled Webs Pattern:  Still working on this, but I have made a big decision.  The pattern will be FREE.  I've debated it for several weeks and "decided" I should charge for it because of the time involved, but it never felt right.  I've grown my skills thanks to the generosity of other bloggers and I feel that my first pattern should be a thank-you gift of sorts.  So...be watching for my pattern soon.  :)

Sherbet Socks: The initial motivation for learning to knit was socks.  No matter what time of year, my feet are always cold.  I hate cold feet.  I want knit socks.  Warm, toast, colorful knit socks.  Well, I've finally (five months later!) started a pair.  I love the fun colors. (BTW - the pic is old...they are halfway down my foot now. )  :)


Sewing Room:  Work has started on finishing up my sewing-room re-do.  All of my stuff is out of the room and I hope to finish pulling border down tonight and paint tomorrow.  I made a little schematic on Monday so I could play around with furniture placement.  (I told y'all I'm a little OCD...).  The back page is the room - to scale, of course - and the top is my furniture pieces.  I then cut them out and move them around.  Like a puzzle, I guess.



Charmed Prints Quilt:  I actually finished this in April, but haven't posted.  Pics and a full write-up soon.

charmed prints

Prince Charming Quilt Top:  I finished my Quilt Top last month in hopes of having the quilt done in time for Tula Pink's visit.  No such luck on finishing the quilt, but she did sign the label I made.  Now, to get to the long arm!

Quilt top pic ... as promised for @tulapink

Tropical Tote:  This was last week's easy Saturday project.   The boys left on a two-week trip to Michigan and I needed some sewing therapy.  Tutorial will be up next week.

tropical tote

and finally.... Baseball!  We finished up the Spring baseball season on Friday.  Both boys' teams finished in second place in their divisions.  So proud of them and all of their hard work.  They both want to be pitchers and are well on their way.  It's wonderful to watch them excel at things they love.  :)

ready on third :)Hey....batta', batta', batta'.

Would love to hear what you've been up to... don't forget to link up with Lee!!

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  1. Love your tote. It surea has a tropical feeling!

  2. great projects - i was following along with the oh my stars qal, but never got started with it so don't feel badly, its definitely on my list :) can't wait to see more!

  3. Can't wait to hear more about/see your sewing room. Sounds fun! I just got some shelving so I can start organizing my sewing area some more.

  4. That Prince Charming top is really pretty! Great way to show off the fabric. And what fun socks! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  5. I really love that you are OCD about your room redo, I would totally do the same, if I was patient enough to figure out the scale of my stuff to fit appropriately on paper. Can't wait to see what you do! I also can't wait to see you finish up your Tula quilt so I can see the label she designed!

  6. Cant wait to see more on the quilt along. BTW its not hoarding, its stash building!

  7. You've got some great things in progress. I'm looking forward to your bag tute :)

  8. Oh my goodness, you are busy! I design my rooms and furniture arrangements the same way, I always have!