About Me

Hey y'all!  Thanks for stopping by my little blog.

My name is Angie and I'm an almost-40 mother of two boys and wife to the luckiest guy in the universe. We live in NC - my home state - and I love it.  Southern to the bone, I live for sweet tea, hot summers, good manners, and sandy beaches.  I believe that boys should be brought up to be gentlemen, girls should be taught to be ladies, and a fresh baked pie should be served at every gathering.

k4rvI work outside the home, somehow managing to sew between work, dinner, housework, grad school, baseball games, and sleep.  I have a very successful career in clinical research, but, in truth it would probably bore most of you to tears, so I don't really talk about it here.  Let's just say I love my job and my field and leave it at that.  Grad school started in 2011 and, if I survive, I'll have another masters.  Yes, another.  I have an MBA now and will have an Master of Science in Clinical, Population, and Translational Research when I'm done.  (See, I told you it was boring - I heard three of you hit the floor.)

I got started quilting about four years ago, out of guilt over spending what I thought was way too much money on a Husqvarna Viking so I could sew Boy Scout patches on my oldest son's uniform.  I kid you not.  Not only did I find a new hobby, but I also never sewed on any patches.  Cruel irony?  Maybe.  Gift from God?  Absolutely.   I love what I do and I'm so glad I found it. 

At this point in time, I mostly quilt for friends and family as gifts.  I participate in a quilt group at church, making prayer quilts for those stricken by illness or other rough circumstances.  I'm also in several Flickr swaps for both blocks and finished projects (like pouches), and my tutorials and quilts have been featured in several places. Still blows my mind.

They are talking about me at CraftGossip.comoneprettything


As far as fabric preferences go, I love bold and bright fabrics, tending towards the cool side of the spectrum. My current favorite lines are Central Park, Soul Blossoms, Heirloom, and Terrain. Seriously considering mortgaging my house to buy up all available Terrain yardage.  I'm also a Fabricworm groupie, checking their site almost daily.

I started blogging about my quilting in early 2011 and I adore the new friends I've made online.  I was able to attend Sewing Summit, where I met more people than I could ever name.  I adore my followers - and am still blown away that people are interested in what I'm doing.  I love getting comments, so please feel free to jot down your thoughts.  I always do my best to reply via e-mail, as I love the conversations that result.

Thanks again for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy my little piece of the online world.