Other Finished Projects

As I spend more time learning new techniques, I find all sorts of projects that interest me.  While I started out as a quilter, I quickly found myself delving into the world of mug rugs, tote bags, pouches, and other sewing projects, even embroidery.  I love smaller projects like this for the sense of accomplishment they give in such little time.

This page is a brief snapshot of the non-quilt finished projects I have completed.  You can click on the photos for more info.

Mug Rugs

IMG_2017 IMG_2659 IMG_2423-1 all done! IMG_2043 IMG_2044

Pouches and Bags

iPad case - for me this time!  :) tie-front tote Finished iPad case  clutch bag  Pouch 1
tote bag in Central Park zipper pouch

Other Items

IMG_3402_edited-1.JPG IMG_1805  
Finished hoop.  :)office worker... lol!